Data & Privacy Policy

Which data do we collect?

In Online Tennis Manager (OTM) the only sensitive data collected are email-adresses, first name and last name. These data are used solely to contact users in the following cases:

a new team is created and we mail users their login and password for the first time,
the user requests a new login and password for,
the user requests other email services from,
inactivity notices and general updates.


We are using Google Analytics and Google Adwords Remarketing Tag to track the user activities.

Data handling

The privacy policy of Online Tennis Manager can be summed up by this short sentence: Only your first and last name will be public to other members. Your other data will in no way be released or passed on - ever!

Your passwords are saved md5 coded in our database, so nobody can hack or see them in clear text.

Delete Data

You are able to delete your account immediately with all data in sending an email to support[-at-]onlinetennismanager[-dot-]org.